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Brazilian Boneca Namoradeira Plaster Flirt Doll Window Decoration 42cm 5 colors

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Decorative piece that will make your home or window even more beautiful, bringing a special touch to your environment!
Impeccable finishing and painting, very high quality.
It comes with earrings and necklace that make the piece even more charming.

Material: plaster
Approximate Dimensions: 42 x 28 cm
Weight: approximately 2.6 kg

They are originally from Belem, but they are easy to find on the balconies and windows of homes and apartments throughout Brazil. It's hard to even know where they came from, but the 'love dolls' give a special charm to many environments.

Usually she finds herself in the position as waiting for someone. Head, shoulders, arms, hands and bust are the elements that make up the craft piece. Full lips, patterned clothes and different hairstyles help in characterization. He may have one hand on the support surface and the other on his head tilted, giving the idea that he is there to be courted and perhaps arrange a marriage.

This description is part of the imaginary of the times when women who wanted to marry presented themselves in the big window of the big houses to the suitors who passed on the street. The windows, by the way, were the only contact women had with the outside environment of the house.

The material they are made of can be clay, wood, resin and plaster. Flirt girls represent women of various ethnicities. Over time, if they are just remembering the past, there are those who say they work as a way to scare off bad guys, after all they should not like the idea of ​​being watched.

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