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Boticollection Cecita Deodorant Cologne 100ml - o Boticario

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Boticollection Cecita deodorant Cologne has already crossed decades and continues to be a classic female perfumery. Inspiration in mysterious women, Cecita brings a floral floral fragrance opens with refreshing citrus notes, which meet floral nuances and closed with a slightly sweet touch. Surrounding, this female colony deodorant was developed for women living with life with a certain mystery and much femininity. It is also a beautiful homage to the wife of the Founder of O Boticário, Cecilia. Complete your experience with other Boticollection products! Olfactiva Family: Floral Floral This product is vegan. No botican group product is tested on animals. * Ingredients updated on the date of this publication. But it is important to remember to always check the packaging, the more current information is that of the product label.