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Boostergen Uni Tone + - Beyoung

by Beyoung
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Beyoung Booster Gen Uni Tone + is a multifunctional serum that uniforms the tone of the skin, preventing and reducing spots caused by the sun, acne or aging. He regulates the synthesis of melanin, uniforming the skin and returning the brightness and vie.

Reduces signs of mild to moderate aging, softening texture and giving homogeneous appearance. With moisturizing assets, it guarantees the level of water in the cell, protecting against the dryness. Where to use? Face, lap and neck. When using? Daily: at night. Meet the BenefitsSeeing the main benefits for you to know all about Booster Gen Uni Tone + .Itformizes TomeluminosidoPrevine Sunshains and PelaanTi-ItavizaViza TextureHydration Technologiaglycoside of Gallic is a new generation of molecules that regulating the formation of excessive melanin and which are activated by skin microorganisms. This asset acts as a natural tyrosinase inhibitor, responsible for catalyzing the first two reactions of melanogenesis, blocking melanin synthesis. This blockade prevents and reduces the emergence of solar spots or caused by acne, promoting improvements in the general skin aspects such as tone standardization, reduction of redness and increased luminosity.Feniletil Resorcinolé A molecule extracted from the wild pine, considered one of the most Powerful regulators of melanocyte dysfunctions. Its function is regular the tyrosinase molecule, helping in whitening and standardizing the tone. It has a perfect synergy with the other assets of the formula, potentiating the uniformer effect, and has antioxidant properties, which contribute to a more enlightened and radiant skin and homarinambos of plant origin, these assets provide hydration, progressively rehydrating and in different layers of the skin , ensuring the maintenance of the water volume level in the cells. Cutaneous permeation properties act against dryness and protect against dehydration stress, improving water retention capacity and aiding in the maintenance of hydration and water balance of skin cells. Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxyacid sugar cane that facilitates the penetration of assets into the skin. It has the capacity for cellular renewal and standardization of skin texture. Among the benefits is the stimulation of collagen synthesis in the dermis, preserving the hydration of the skin and helping in the treatment of aging signals.