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Boostergen anti-aging + - Beyoung

by Beyoung
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Beyoung Booster Gen Anti-Aging + is a multifunctional serum for skins with mild to moderate signs of aging, with assets that act transforming the appearance of the skin immediately. Its formula contains ingredients that act in different layers, providing rejuvenation, stimulating the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, moisturizing and filling from the inside out. The ingredients guarantee the maintenance of the volume of water in the cells, ensuring the hydration. It provides a visible improvement of the lines of expression and returns the firmness of the skin.
Its ingredients control oiliness and help to visibly reduce the size of pores and imperfections. This powerful Sérum also acts on the cutaneous microbiota, maintaining its balance and strengthening the natural defenses. Where to use? Face, lap and neck. When using? Daily: Morning and night. Enable skin? Meet the BenefitsSeparate the main benefits for you to know all about Booster Gen Anti-Aging + .Suaviza Lines and RugasControla The OilsMelhoring Firmness MultilayMinimiza Porossuavizes the textureEQuilibrium of microbiotaanti-age The multilayer hyaluronic technology is an ingredient with innovative biological mechanism, which through the mixture of three biomymetic hyaluronic acids of distinct molecular weights, acts in different layers of the skin, achieving deeper penetration than common hyaluronic acid. It has powerful hydration capacity, which will stimulate the dermis-epidermis joints, which contributes to the improvement in cutaneous firmness, which loses tonicity with aging.
In addition the asset, fills wrinkles instantly and avoids the degradation of collagen, contributing to the rejuvenation of the dermis from the inside out.
The 3 different molecular weights indicate in which layer of skin the hyaluronic acid will act:
High molecular weight - acts on the surface of the skin, retaining and absorbing humidity, improving surface hydration of the skin
Medium molecular weight - are capable of penetrating and stimulating the cells of the epidermis to produce our own hyaluronic acid
Low molecular weight - penetrates the deeper layers of the epidermis acting in the hydration and improvement of the dermal density, which translates into the reduction of wrinkles by improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin. This asset will stimulate the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid in cutaneous tissue, penetrating between cells and within them. In addition to moisturizing deeply, it helps in anti-ranges treatment, ensuring filling from the inside out and softening the skin microrelevo. It contributes directly to the prevention of aging.lipohydroxyaccid (LHA) Lipohydroxyácid is derived from salicylic acid, an important agent in the cosmetic treatment of oily and acne skin, but smoother and much more efficient in the decongestant action of the skin, helping Clear the pores and preventing the formation of carnations.
His soft performance causes the product to be used by all skin types. It promotes cell renewal by means of directed exfoliation, which potentiates the decongestion of pores, controlling excessive oiliness and refining the surface of the skin.
Its surface of the skin provides a uniform effect, aiding in the maintenance of elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, acneic marks and combating the signs of aging. Mandelic is a molecular alpha-hydroxy type than the others, which results in A slower skin penetration, promoting a microspholiation, being smoother for skin and not causing discomfort for daily use.
It acts gradually through continuous use, improving lines of expression and wrinkles. It is a powerful uniformer of tone and texture, acting mainly in the rejuvenation of the sun-aged skin, improving the brightness and viege.eritritol and homarinambos of vegetable origin, these assets provide hydration, progressively rehydrating and in different layers of the skin, ensuring the maintenance of the level of water volume in cells. Cutaneous permeation properties act against dryness and protect against dehydration stress, improving water retention capacity and helping maintenance of hydration and water balance of skin cells. The contraction properties of the skin and visibly reducing the size and quantity of pores and imperfections. Protects the skin against environmental damage, rebooting natural hydration levels, in addition to possessing astringent action that assists in the control of oiliness, purifying and bringing luminosity to the skin.Alpha glucumber glycosis units obtained from natural sugars, which provide protection and are bioestimulant for the ecosystem of the skin, protecting the skin microbiota. They are prebiotic protectors that will maintain the microbiota balance, which is the first skin defense barrier, stimulating the beneficial bacterial flora, which inhibits the proliferation of bacteria that can cause skin diseases and preserving the natural microbiota.