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Boostergen Acne Free + - Beyoung

by Beyoung
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Beyoung Booster Gen Acne Free + is a multifunctional serum that assists in the cosmetic treatment of existing acne and prevention of the emergence of new. Its formula contains assets that enhance the decongestion of pores, controlling excessive oiliness and refining the surface of the skin, as well as maintaining hydration for healthier skin and preventing the formation of carnations.

The formula also has anti-age assets, which will stimulate the production of collagen and assist the maintenance of elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful Sérum also acts on the cutaneous microbiota, maintaining its balance and strengthening the natural defenses.

A formula for acne skins, marks of spines and scars arising from acne, booster gen acne free + operates in 3 moments: in prevention, in combating the emergence of lesions and reducing waste stains. Improves the acneic lesions, with dry and softening effect, improving redness and discomfort, without drying or caring the skin. Where to use? Face, lap and neck. When using? Daily: at night. All kinds. Finishing & quot; acetinated.Texturasérum. Know the BenefitsSee the main benefits for you to know all about Booster Gen Acne Free + .Controles the oiliness The vermiles The ports The ports The acneiceanti-oilding marks The acneicosanic spots The microbiotacontrola is acne to the association of some mineral compounds such as zinc Copper, magnesium and manganese, which together confer regulatory action in control of oiliness, contributing to the reduction of edema related to acne. glycolic acid an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from sugar cane that facilitates the penetration of assets into the skin. It has the capacity for cellular renewal and standardization of skin texture. Among the benefits is the stimulation of collagen synthesis in the dermis, preserving the hydration of the skin and helping in the treatment of aging signals. by environmental pollutants, stimulating the production of collagen, increasing cell proliferation and helping in oil system, being a powerful antiache, anti-aging and delivering soothing action. Organic silicon is an essential skin component that interacts with structural proteins within the dermis such as collagen, elastin and proteoglycan fibers, ensuring an optimal skin organization and architecture. This asset acts in synergy and potentiates the lipohydroxy acid of the formula, ensuring preventive action on inflammation and soothing effect, without causing irritation on the surface of the skin.lipohydroxy acid (LHA) the lipohydroxy acid is derived from salicylic acid, an important agent In the cosmetic treatment of oily and acne, but smoother skin and much more efficient in the decongestant action of the skin, helping to clear the pores and preventing the formation of carnations.
His soft performance causes the product to be used by all skin types. It promotes cell renewal by means of directed exfoliation, which potentiates the decongestion of pores, controlling excessive oiliness and refining the surface of the skin.
Its surface of the skin provides a uniform effect, helping in the maintenance of the elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, acneic marks and combating the signs of aging.eritritol and homarinambos of plant origin, these assets provide hydration, progressively rehydrating and in different layers of the skin, ensuring the maintenance of the water volume level in the cells. Cutaneous permeation properties acts against dryness and protect against dehydration stress, improving water retention capacity and aiding in maintaining hydration and water balance of skin cells.Alpha glucumber glycosis units obtained from natural sugars , which provide protection and are bioestimulant for the skin ecosystem, protecting the cutaneous microbiota. They are prebiotic protectors that will maintain the microbiota balance, which is the first skin defense barrier, stimulating the beneficial bacterial flora, which inhibits the proliferation of bacteria that can cause skin diseases and preserving the natural microbiota.