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Body Splash Deodorant Cologne Floratta Blue 200ml

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Yummy is to feel the perfumed skin with your favorite fragrance and that feeling of freshly bathing freshness, is not it? So the Body Splash Deodorant Colony Floratta Blue is perfect for completing your perfuming routine with the O Boticario line you love! The fragrance of the floral musk olfactory family provides a floral and woody touch, which makes it very pleasant. That is, the Body Splash Floratta Blue can be used on any occasion, either day by day or at night. Delicate, Body Splash is modern, ideal for a lasting perfumation and sensation of freshness in the skin. In addition to prolonging the perfumation of your Floratta Blue deodorant Cologne, body splash body will leave your days more practical and refreshing. About the Floratta Blue line is a classic of the female perfumery of the apothecary. The combination of floral notes, which are the soul of the line, with the musk base make this fragrance super comfortable. Made for women who take life quietly, awakens a sense of lightness and comfort. Not to mention that your essence translates a woman who is romantic, but it is also modern and spontaneous.Conha all the items of the line and complete your routine for the fragrance of Floratta Blue! No apothecary product is tested on animals. Family Olfativa: Floral Musk