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Cicatricure Body Cream Anti-stories Cicatricure 250g - 1 Unit

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Body Cream Anti-stories Cicatricure 250g - 1 Unit

It provides firmness and tones the skin. Its composition reaffirms the epidermal tissue, helping to prevent flaccidity.

Cicatricure antiestrias is a body cream that promises to improve the appearance of stretch marks. It is recommended for women who feel bothered by stretch marks. Specially developed to treat white and red stretch marks. 83% of volunteers in clinical study noticed difference in the firmness of the skin.

Mode of Use:

FREQUENCY: Apply all over the body after bath. If necessary, reapply the product.

Pieces of the body: Make a slight massage, reinforcing in the areas where you want more firmness, such as legs, abdomen and arms.

Its formula with powerful combination of the pink musket oil and the niacinamide ingredient visibly decreases stretch marks and improves the appearance of the skin already in the first week of use, acting progressively. Hydrates intensely the skin, nourishes and increases your elasticity.