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Bobby & Uni 1/10 Art Scale Collectible Bds Dungeons & Dragons - Iron Studios

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Dungeons & Dragons (Dragon's Cave) is an animation series co-produced by Marvel Productions, TSR and Toei Animation, based on the eponymous role-playing game. The series has 27 episodes divided into three seasons, originally broadcast between 1983 and 1985. The series shows a group of six young people in an amusement park embarking on a roller coaster called Dungeons & Dragons. However, during the tour, a portal opens and transports the children to another world, simply called the Kingdom, in which the group appears already dressed in other clothes and immediately receiving magic weapons, or the weapons of power, from an old dwarf. who introduces himself as the Master of the Magi. The young people then go on various adventures seeking to return home on Earth, during which the Avenger, an evil sorcerer, tries at all costs to take the weapons of the youth's power with the intention of defeating both the Master of the Magi and his greatest fear, Tiamat, a terrible five-headed dragon-goddess, to thus dominate the Kingdom.

- Limited edition.
- Produced based on the film's original references.
- Made of Polystone.
- Manual painting.
- Includes potions to be placed around the base.
- Includes base that can be connected to the other members of the “Dungeons & Dragons” BDS Art Scale 1/10 series.
- Product dimensions: 16.5 cm (H) x 15 (W) x 10 cm (L).

-01 Iron Studios Original Bobby & Uni 1/10 Art Scale Collectible Bds Dungeons & Dragons Figure Action Miniature