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S14 Steel Acoustic Study Guitar Start Model 2 Colors Black or Brown - Giannini

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Start is Giannini's new string of guitars. The Giannini Start GS14 is a lightweight, comfortable and good quality guitar. An ideal guitar for anyone who wants to learn to play with a steel string instrument already.
The GS14 was produced by Giannini thinking about the beginning musician, a guitar prepared to give all the support to the learning of guitar. This Start arrives to complement the already known GSX15 student line from Giannini.
In addition, the guitar is also great for anyone who already plays and wants a light instrument to leave in the car, carry up and down, liven up the wheels of friends, play their songs at home, or anywhere you go.

Model: Steel Guitar
Category: Acoustic
Shape: Classic
Series: Start
Number of Strings: 6 Strings
Surface: Linden
Banner and background: Linden
Arm: Catalpa / Solid Basswood
Scale: Dark Maple
Frets: 19 in Alpaca
Finish: Glossy varnish
Colors: Natural (N) and Black (BK)
Manufacture: China


-01 Giannini Steel Acoustic Guitar Start model GS14