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Beyoung Cotton Rounds - Beyoung

by Beyoung
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Beyoung Cotton Rounds are cotton discs made with double-sided, which guarantee a soft, delicate surface.

100% compounds by hydrophilic cotton, a special type of cotton having affinity with water. Thus, they differ from other common products, thanks to their high absorption capacity, which helps prevent waste of products.

They were developed with multidirectional resistance technology, which prevents the wires from blowing or shredded. This increases comfort and also ensures greater effectiveness during the application of cosmetic products, as well as makeup removal and skin cleansing.
Where to use? Face, eyes, neck and lap. When using? Daily: Morning and night. How much to use? Application of lotions, creams and cosmetics in general. It is also indicated for removal of makeup and cleaning the skin. Learn about the Benefits Cotton Rounds guarantee comfort and efficacy in the application and cleaning the skin.No defensing soft100% multidirectional cotton