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Barkley Vintage ZZ 5 Sax Alto Mouthpiece Saxophone

by Barkley
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As the name says Vintage ZZ is a mouthpiece with characteristics of old sounds, darker and focused.

However, with the materials and manufacturing methods we use, this mouthpiece has a balance between the old and the modern. Made of Fiber Resin and Ebony, this mouthpiece has a subtle touch of wood in its harmonics, projection and volume in the right measure. Designed with its Straigth Baffle it allows a firm sound with a large projection focus. Its horseshoe-shaped chamber generates both more serious harmonics with accents in the middle, which is the great differential for the versatility of this mouthpiece.

Material: Fiber resin + ebony powder (ecoline)

Color: White with ebony powder

Finishing: Hand finished, tested one by one.

Clamp: Not included

We are a family owned and operated business.

Alto sax # 5 ~ 1.90mm = 0.75 ”

We are a family owned and operated business.

Suitable for Old Vintage sound / Traditional Jazz

-01 Barkley Vintage ZZ 5 Sax Alto Mouthpiece