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Barkley Verdot 8 Sax Alto Gold Mouthpiece w/ Clamp & Ressonator Saxophone

by Barkley
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$328.90 - $328.90
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Designed with a Concave baffle, which is a deflector dug just after the tip rail that favors the bass emission, followed by a fusion with a Step Baffle thus generating a mix of low and high frequencies and ending with a floor on ladder format where the frequencies generated in the Concave and Step are equalized, generating a great balance.

VERDOT is a balanced mouthpiece as it was designed to accentuate the treble but always maintaining a good dose of bass so that the sound is always balanced, thus allowing great control over the entire length of the instrument, even if it is a metal mouthpiece.

Material: Machined brass

Finishing: Hand finished, tested one by one

Clamp: Included genuine leather clamp with metal resonator + cover.

Instruments: alto sax

Alto Sax # 8 ~ 2.30mm = 0.90 ”

-01 Barkley Verdot 8 Sax Alto Gold Mouthpiece