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Barkley Prima 55 Clarinet Mouthpiece 1.13mm

by Barkley
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Designed with a Flat Baffle, a flat baffle extends directly behind the tip rail into the chamber.

This is a very common baffle on clarinet mouthpieces and can easily sound high or “nasal sound”, particularly in the upper register.

The main characteristic of this mouthpiece is the lightness of the emission and great projection.

Developed with expertise that unites musicians and artisans.

Material: Fiber resin

Color: Black.

Finishing: Hand finished, tested one by one.

Clamp: Not included, we recommend Barkley Clarinet Clamp.

Instruments: Sib Clarinet and Bass Sib Clarinet

Clarinet Sib 55 # ~ 1.13mm = 0.51 ”

Suitable for Classical and Brazilian Music

-01 Barkley Prima 55 Clarinet Mouthpiece 1.13mm