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Barkley Meritage Shadow 7 Tenor Sax Black Mouthpiece Saxophone

by Barkley
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Developed with the material B.R.E.N. T, Barkley exclusive material, a blend of quality raw materials Fiber Resin + ebony powder + Metal powder.

Designed with a Roll-Over Baffle that generates subtle treble frequencies, balanced with your Flat Baffle to have more speed of a, and concave walls and Large Chamber chamber, where you have a big sound gain.

Tip Rails (front end rails) with thin to thin thickness to provide great precision in articulation in all regions. The rear of the tenor mouthpiece has a ring made of B.R.E.N. T to design more harmonic frequencies for the Tudel.


Material: BRENT, Blend of materials metal powder and ebony Powder

Color: Black, red and black, blue and black, white

Finish: Hand finalized, tested one by one

Ligature: Not included, we recommend Barkley sax tenor (ABTTR)

Instruments: Soprano, Alto and Tenor


Saxofone Tenor # 8 2,65 mm a 0104 "

Nominated for traditional Jazz