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Barkley GP 7 Alto Sax Black Jazz Mouthpiece Saxophone

by Barkley
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Designed with a Roll-Over deflector this mouthpiece favors high and mid frequencies. Roll-over style ramp induces a fast air column, which reduces power and excessive treble; Your small camera helps generate focus on sound. Giving the tone a subtle touch and maintaining balance easily.
This mouthpiece is suitable for saxophone or soloist auditions with a jazz band.

Mouthpiece for musicians who wish to have greater sound projection, ideal for saxophone auditions, solos at events, solos with a jazz band or other situations that require greater sound projection.

The design of this mouthpiece favors the super high and middle of the instrument. The Rollover style ramp induces a rapid air column, which reduces power and excessive brightness, giving a subtle flavor to the tone, while maintaining an easy projection.

- GP7 model;
- Opening 7 with 2.20mm or 0.086 ";
- Mass mouthpiece, material made with high technology (Composite High Tech);
- Excellent quality finish;
- Product manufactured in Brazil;
- Black color with white details.

-01 Barkley GP 7 Alto Sax Mouthpiece