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Bandai Proplica Pac-Man Waka-Waka Proplica Figure Miniature Collectible Art

by Bandai
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Pac-Man created by Toru Iwatani is a video game series, made by Namco. The objective of most games in the series is to navigate a maze, eating dots, energy dots and fruits and running away from four ghosts. Originally produced for Arcade in the early 1980s, it became one of the most played and popular games at the time, having modern versions for several consoles and sequels for many others, including today. Pac-Man is the main character, a round yellow head with a mouth that opens and closes, similar to today's Internet icons called Emojis. Positioned in a simple maze filled with tablets and chased by ghosts called Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. He is branded as one of the most iconic characters in games since his debut, receiving numerous games inspired by the same and TV shows. The character also serves as the official mascot of the Namco company. Using the latest sculpting technology, fun features and realistic sound effects, Proplica Pac-Man Waka-Waka brings a whole new way to have fun with this classic and iconic character. The mouth automatically opens and closes when rolled over a surface, triggering the game's sound effects!

Included Items Figure, Base, Battery
Product Size 9.2 cm (H)
Plastic material
Recommended Age Recommended product for over 15 years old
Unisex gender
Bandai Manufacturer
Pac-Man Franchise
Proplica Line
lot 190
Product Type Proposes

-01 Bandai Proplica Pac-Man Waka-Waka Proplica