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Ayrton Senna (McLaren) Replica Helmet (1993) w/ Sid Mosca Serial Number

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*** Contact customer service after purchase if you want to choose serial numbers - limited quantity ***

Sid Mosca authentic painting helmet with serial number. Limited availability in the world. Please be aware that this item is a rare collector item and it can take up to 45 days to be dispatched.

The most iconic painting in the world motorsport, created here, is a Brazilian product, and is made in the same way today!

All replica helmets of the Ayrton Senna line are produced by hand: the helmets are carefully designed, adapting the layout to the three different hull models (Bell, Rheos, and Shoei) and painted through airbrushes, with finishing details done at the tip of the brush. There is no part of the process that is done by machines, and this brings to the product the characteristic of a work of art.
To guarantee excellence in the quality of the painting, we work with the best products, respect the time of the processes, and the main thing: we add the love for art!

It is a thorough process so that the end result is surprising!

All models in the Ayrton Senna line were approved by the Ayrton Senna Institute, which determined the number of replicas released for production, varying according to the model, and each helmet sold has a control number, which is the serial number. This number appears on the back of the helmet and also on the certificate of authenticity, which is a document that accompanies the product, which confers the artistic creation of the piece to designer Sid Mosca and informs that the copyright of the piece belongs to the Ayrton Senna Institute. This document guarantees the originality of the product.

Product Details:
Shoei hull, blue lining and greater number of sponsors, among all models in the line.

The model is supplied with an acrylic display case and certificate of authenticity. FOR DECORATIVE USE ONLY. CANNOT BE USED.