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Phytoterápica Arnica Montana 60ml Vegetable Oil - 100% pure

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Oil Extract of Arnica Montana - 60ml
Arnica Montana L.

Oily extract of Arnica Montana extracted through the maceration process of flowers in sunflower oil. Indicated to treat muscle aches, bruises rheumatic pains, varicoseins, leg pain, bruises, twists and swellings.

In addition, it treats dry, sensitive and cracking skin. Prevents stretch marks.

For the hair prevents against falling and dandrests.

Its main properties: analgesic and antiseptics, Arnica Montana is rich in omega 6 and 9, nourishes the skin leaving her healthier.

Tip for joint pain: Sistergy with essential oil of marjoram, ginger and lavender, massage the location 3x a day