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Natura LUMINA Ampola Reparação Instantânea / Light Bulb Instant Repair - 4un Of 20ml

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AMPOLA REPARAÇÃO INSTANTÂNEA LUMINA - 4UN DE 20ML / Light Bulb Instant Repair Lumina - 4un of 20ml

Hair nourished and healthy from the first application.

Is your hair dry? Does it tend to be volume out of control with little shine and frizz? Your hair needs deep nutrition, wire sealing and frizz reduction. Ampoule Instant Lumina repair enables hair to be nourished and healthy from the first application.


• deeply hydrated hair;

• More strength and elasticity for wires;

• Brighter hair;

• Reconstruction treating capillary erosion;

• Decreased double tips;

• Ideal for treating hair damage, dryer and post-beach care.

Content: 4 units, 20ml each.