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Natura ÁGUAS Lírio / Waters Lily Body Moisturizing Deodorant - 150 Ml

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ÁGUAS LÍRIO DESODORANTE HIDRATANTE CORPORAL - 150 ML / Waters Lily Body Moisturizing Deodorant - 150 ml

The exclusive fragrance waters lily in a light floral for a gift full of good energies in a moisturizing and perfuming ritual.

Female, cheerful and refreshing, the waters delight the body with ingredients of a supergenerosa nature and propose an abundant gesture for you to perfume. The exuberance of the lily joins a combination of floral notes, with the freshness of citrus notes and a touch of the storage, ingredient of the Amazon biodiversity. For you to feel this current of good fragrances and energies direct in the skin through hydration.


• Hydration and perfumation for the skin of the body.

Content: 150ml.