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Adcos Acne Security Lotion FPS 30 Tonalizer 50ml Cards

by Adcos
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Ideal for the treatment of acne reduction, as well as acting in control of oiliness. He still works in cell renewal and in the process of healing the skin. Its formula guarantees antioxidant and moisturizing action, providing a more uniform and soft skin.
The acneic skin is more sensitive and requires redoubled care. This toning version of the FPS 30-sectional lotion, in addition to having dry and healing action, softenes the reddish aspect, disguising the imperfections of the skin and provides mate effect, controlling the oiliness of the region immediately after application.
In addition to preventing, this sunscreen with FPS 30 helps the bleaching of the stains caused by acne and also acts on the maintenance of acneic skin, avoiding the reappearance of the lesions. It is dermatologically tested, has no fragrance and is indicated for all skin types, including oily and acneicas.

Attention: it is contraindicated for pregnant women due to the camphor present in the formula. They can use the colorless version of the FPS 30 secure lotion as an option for your treatment. It is also contraindicated for children under the age of 3 years. Use only after 7 years old (ANVISA recommendation).

Sunscreen with FPS 30, dry, healing and anti-inflammatory action of acne.
Reduces redness of acne
It is toning and reduces skin imperfections.

How to use: Shake before you use. Apply abundantly before exposure to the sun. Always reapply, after bathing, dry with towel and during sun exposure. The reapplication of the sunscreen is required to maintain its effectiveness. Helps prevent solar burns. Daily use.


Glucona Lactone: soft exfoliation capacity and can be used by all skin types, including the most sensitive. In acne-skin is effective in pores clearing, reducing carnations or comedones.

Lactic acid: moisturizing power, in addition to its antimicrobial properties, pH regulator, exfoliating and skin whitening.

Lactobikionic acid: accelerates healing processes, acting in collagen synthesis and cell migration, which results in acceleration of cell renewal and reduction of dead cells. It also has high antioxidant action, moisturizing and rejuvenating. Effective in pores clearing and reducing pimples.

Blend of salicylic acid, zinc, vegetable extracts and sulfur: work in control of oiliness. It has anti-inflammatory action, reduces the size and quantity of acne injuries, as well as accelerating cell renewal and the skin healing process.

Nano Peptide TGP-2: Provides skin whitening, by decreasing incidence Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation arising from acne.

Camphor: It has antiprurigin, antiseptic and gentle analgesic action.