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Accordes Harmony Deodorant Cologne 80ml - o Boticario

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Accordes Harmony Deodorant Cologne is an amazing female floral feminine fragrance! It combines fresh output notes with great projection, a classic and engaging body and a hot and bodied base of resins such as amber, which have excellent skin fixation. The elegance of the note Ylang-ylang timeless, combined with the sensuality of Jasmin and Mandarin's freshness, translate the balanced essence of this fragrance, as in a musical chord in perfect harmony, which invites the listener to get closer in order to discover its nuances. To magnify the experience, your bottle was elaborated as a work of art in every detail. Combining with the sophisticated fragrance, his presentation reveals a masterpiece that follows the trends of the best fragrances of the International Feminine Perfumery. Ideal for the sophisticated and mature woman, who does not lose sight of the lightness of life and is willing to face the days with presence and softness, expressing its balance.Check all the products of the brand Accordes! No product from the Boticário Group is tested on animals . Olfativa family: Aldehic floral