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Accordes Deodorant Cologne 80ml - o Boticario

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The pure expression of the woman in motion with lightness without losing the presence of sophistication. This is how the female fragrance of Accordes involves and attracts who is around you, as in a perfumed song that messes with all the senses. Your fresh fruity top translates the joy of living, while the evolution of the floral notes of your body shows that it is possible to combine joy, softness and elegance. The bottom woods are the required base for the solidity of a combination of notes that captivate and hold a vibrant musical chord. Enter the Body Notes of Accordes, stands out Ylang-Ylang by its timeless characteristic, class symbol, present in the best international fragrances. In addition to the rich olfactory experience provided by Accordes, its packaging portrays the musical movement, uniting the senses in order to provide the best possible experience. Experience the complete line of Accordes and feel this unique perfumery experience with Accordes Body moisturizing deodorant cream, Accordes Body Spray Deodorant and Accordes Anti-transparent deodorant Aerosol.NenHum product of the Boticário Group is tested on animals.Family olfactory: Floriental Woody