Red Hammock Couple Luxury Special Handmade Buffalo Plaid 13x4 FT

  • $85.00

Pattern: Buffalo Plaid 
Color: Red and Black

Its fabric was made creating a unique model. This hammock was made on sturdy Jacquard looms and its design resembles the interior of an ox tripe, hence the nickname the Bucho de Boi hammock.

Its finishing was done manually, the heads that hold the strings were plaited by hand and soon after using a wooden loom, a strip was woven that joins these heads. Its 16 pairs of ropes make this sleeping net support more than 180 kilos.

Its side ruffle (balconies) was also made by hand, with 7 pairs of threads that intertwine forming a set of diamonds. Our sleeping hammocks value and support manual labor and crafts, creating products with quality, durability, beauty, and providing comfort and well-being.