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Original Iron Studios Lex Luthor 1/10 Miniature Ivan Reis Exclusive Collection

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One of the smartest minds in the DC universe, behind the public image of a tycoon-tycoon businessman, is a megalomaniacal scientist and inventor with plans for global domination. For Luthor, his biggest obstacle is Superman, the only one who could threaten his plans for conquest and power, so he became Steel Man's greatest enemy and a high-status supervillain in the DC pantheon. To make up for the lack of superpowers, Luthor wears his war suit, a high-tech battle armor that gives him endurance, flight, weapons and many other capabilities.

-Material: Polystone
-Scale: 1/10
-Approximate size: 24 cm

-Accompanies base

-Hand painted


-01 Iron Studios Lex Luthor 1/10 DC Comics Miniature Art Scale Figure Action