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Natura SÈVE Amêndoas Marcantes / Body Deodorant Oil Almonds Striking - 200 Ml

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ÓLEO DESODORANTE CORPORAL SÈVE AMÊNDOAS MARCANTES - 200 ML / Body deodorant oil sève almonds striking - 200 ml

Sève's body deodorant oils moisturize and perfumam, highlighting the natural glow of the skin.

Enriched with almond oil, sève striking almonds leaves skin soft and moisturized all day, in addition to enhancing its natural glow. Its delicate and vibrant fragrance, promotes intimacy with the body, outweering beauty and femininity.


• 100% vegetable oils (does not contain mineral oil);

• leaves skin soft and moisturized;

• Enhances the natural brightness of the skin;

• It has exclusive fragrances that leave perfumed skin;

• Form film protector on the skin;

• Restores the skin barrier;

• Combat resection.

Content: 200 ml