Lot of 10 Brazilian Pitted Tamara Gluten Free Sugar Appetizer 150g Brasil Frutt

  • $25.00

The date is a very tasty, sugar-rich fruit originating from the Phoenix dactylifera tree mostly present in the Middle East. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is a food base in desert regions, and ideal for those who seek to enjoy good food without leaving their health concerns aside.

Did you know that in addition to contributing to the functioning of the internal part of your body, the date can bring benefits to the external? That's right! By adding it to your diet, it can be used as an alternative medicine as it improves vision, smell and auditory perception, in addition to combating possible irritations in the throat, ear or nose.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, the date acts positively in the treatment of anemia, has an anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens bones, and provides energy.
In addition, it improves digestive health, reduces constipation, increases the body's immunity and controls blood pressure. That is, you delight and still take care of your health.


-10 Brasil Frutt Pitted Tamara 150g