Lot of 10 Brazilian Natural Almond Flour Supplement Culinary 350g Brasil Frutt

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Natural Almond Flour, are extremely nutritious, being rich in fiber, protein, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin B2, phosphorus, among other nutrients important for health.

Brasil Frutt Almond Flour helps to reduce bad cholesterol, preserving good cholesterol; Almond Flour Brasil Frutt has high anti-toxicity; Helps in the treatment of cancer caused by free radicals, responsible for damaging DNA, precisely because of its antioxidant power, which ends up neutralizing the production of free radicals, even helping to repair cells that are already damaged; The Brasil Frutt Almond Flour is a strong ally of the diet, helping to lose weight, because despite having fat, it is considered good and helps to burn bad fat; Protection against diabetes, as the consumption of fiber, present in almond flour, helps to lower the blood sugar level.

About the Product: Brasil Frutt Almond Flour is rich in Minerals, Fibers, Proteins and Vitamins !!

How to Consume: You can consume the pure Brazil Frutt Almond Flour, or you can put it in the salad for example. But you can also consume in preparing dishes, both sweet and savory. As the Brasil Frutt Almond Flour is low in protein, it is widely used in Low Carb recipes.

Recommendations: Keep the Brasil Frutt Almond Flour in a dry and cool place.

Ingredients: Natural Almond Flour

Contains gluten

-10 Brasil Frutt Almond Flour 350g