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Lot of 10 Brazilian Dark Pitted Pass Grape Appetizer 350g Brasil Frutt

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Benefits: The Dark Pass Grape contains the same benefits as our well-known grape. They are free of cholesterol and fat, in addition to being the main ally for the intestine.

A perfect source of calcium and zinc, Dark Grape strengthens teeth and bones, in addition to being a great ally in boosting the immune system. The B complex minerals and vitamins are ideal partners for those who lead a faster life and also for those who are older and need extra energy!

Dark Grape also prevents cancer, anemia and cardiovascular diseases, precisely because of the presence of potassium, antioxidants and iron! In addition it produces a sexual stimulating effect.

The Brasil Frutt Dark Grape without Seed is very versatile and very important for our well-being and can be used in various preparations, from bittersweet foods to the accompaniment of yoghurts or salads. In addition to being cholesterol and fat free, it is a great ally for your health.

Recommendations: Keep the Dark Raisin without Brasil Frutt Seed in a dry place, protected from light and away from any heat source.


-10 Brasil Frutt Dark Pitted Pass Grape Appetizer 350g