Lot of 10 Brazilian Caramelized Chestnut w/ Sesame Appetizer 350g Brasil Frutt

  • $50.00

Brasil Frutt develops products of extreme quality and importance to health. Cashew nuts help fight bad cholesterol, as it is rich in fatty acids. It also decreases chances of cancer, thanks to zinc and selenium, and is rich in fiber.

The Chestnut is an oilseed that corresponds to the seed of the fruit itself. Its cultivation is concentrated in Ceará (Brazil), but its consumption goes beyond the state border and is made throughout the country. Its caramelized version with sesame is indispensable for those who value a unique and unforgettable flavor. And in addition to being able to compose snacks between meals, you can be part of the ingredients of countless tasty culinary dishes.


-10 Brasil Frutt Caramelized Chestnut with Sesame 350g