Barkley Pop Kustom Tenor 7 Mouthpiece Saxophone

  • $128.00

Designed with a Step baffle, which is a high ramp-shaped deflector that accentuating the acute frequencies and large Chamber, a big bore that generates a gain in the bass frequencies. The Pop Kustom is a balanced mouthpiece because it is designed to accentuate the treble but always keeping a good dose of bass so that the sound is always homogeneous, thus enabling a great control in the entire length of the instrument, both in the upper register And the bass, with a lot of resonance.


Material: Fiber resin

Finish: Hand finished, tested one by one

Ligature: Not included, we recommend Barkley pasta clamp

Instruments: Soprano, Alto and Tenor

Sax Tenor #7~2.35mm = 0.92" 

-01 Kustom Barkley Pop 7 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece