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Christmas Gift Kit Malbec Premium (5 Items) - o Boticario

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This Christmas, surprise who you love with the male Malbec premium gift, in it has 5 items to make your experience unforgettable. Check out the items that accompany the kit:

Gel shower

Shower Gel Hair and Body Malbec provides a unique experience of personal care for those who love the woody and remarkable fragrance of Malbec. When the product comes into contact with the skin or wet hair, it creates a creamy and fragrant foam that cleans the skin and leaves the hair soft and light, without drying the wires and with refreshing effect.

Body lotion

Following with the care routine, moisturizing body deodorant moisturizer Malbec has easy texture to spread and has been specially developed for male skin. The body lotion moisturizes and protects the skin from dryness without leaving it sticky, also has rapid absorption and matte effect.


The antipolored deodorant Aerosol Malbec offers 48 hours of protection, maintaining hydrated and perfumed skin. With rapid drying and dry touch, the antiperspirant deodorant has a new formula with essential oils and menthol that provide a refreshing sensation and intensive perfumation.

Deodorant Cologne

Malbec deodorant Cologne brings the inspiration of the world of wines to the male perfumery. Made of fresh and woody notes based on plum, oak and vanilla, the fragrance represents masculinity in a unique way, which matches men who know whether to impose. Which are noticed where they pass. Who have the essence of conquest in everything they do.


And to complete the surprise, Malbec Male Backpack takes the charming and elegant touch. Developed in black and brown colors, as well as malbec packaging, backpack gives personality to the present and man's routine. The kit items are packed inside the backpack, making the experience of gifting even more special and complete.

This Christmas, present with Apothecary!

No product O Boticário is tested on animals.

Updated ingredients on the date of this publication. But it is important to remember to always check the packaging, the more current information is that of the product label.

The Malbec present kit contains:

1 shower gel hair and body malbec 200g

1 moisturizing lotion body deodorant malbec 200ml

1 Aerosol Malbec 75g Antiporizer

1 malbec deodorant colony 100ml

1 Masulina Malbec Backpack (Dimensions: 28cm Length x 12cm Width x 40cm Height)