Jaguaruana Couple Sleep Handmade Cotton Net Decoration Hammock 9 ft by 5 ft

  • $155.00

Made almost entirely by hand, 100% cotton, the Jaguaruana sleeping hammock is made by hand, with braids and mamucaba reinforcing and giving a touch of beauty on the edges and valuing artisanal work.

Dimensions: 2.80 m x 1.65 m (9 ft by 5 ft)
Total length: 4.25 m (wrist to wrist)
Weight: +/- 3.100 kg
Maximum Load Capacity: 200 kg
Composition: 100% Cotton
Ideal Hook Distance: Approx. 2,, 90 to 3.30 m
Ideal Hook Height: Approx. 1.70 m

-01 Jaguaruana Couple Sleep Artesanal Hammock