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Iron Studios 1st Order Stormtrooper Star Wars Awakening the Force ArtFX+ Statue

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Stormtroopers are trained for different types of terrain such as desert, icy terrain (like the planet Hoth) and forests (like the moon of Endor). Each troop is trained to act in each type of terrain and are given different names such as: Snowtrooper (troops for icy terrains), Sandtrooper (desert terrains) and Scouttrooper (special troops to explore the galaxy in the service of the Empire or even to serve as spies These were seen in Endor on their motorcycles called "speeder bikes") and Death Star Trooper (troops that monitor the Death Star and are generally not clones).

Dimensions: 20x15x10 cm
Material: PVC

One (1) First Order Stormtrooper: Star Wars: Awakening the Force ArtFX+ Statue
Two (2) weapons
One (1) Base