Granado Balm Passionflower - Lip Moisturizer 13g

  • $21.90

olive oil, sweet almond, vegetable waxes and Vitamin E: responsible for the hydration and nutrition of the lips resulting in a lisinha skin. What's more, fight free radicals, the main villains of the playfulness of região.Manteigas Shea and Oliva: in addition to deeply hydrate, create a protective film on the lips, leaving them healthy longer! P>

With a clean hand and mouth dry, apply moisturizer with a fingertip. Fill your lips completely and retouching during the day, when you feel the need. P>

Moisturizing Lip with gentle passion fruit taste. Granado Balm Lip Passion moisturizes and nourishes lips, leaving the lisinha and healthy skin. Granado Balm Lip Passion protects from free radicals -Major villains that cause premature aging! It creates a protective film on the lips that moisturizes, maintains the vitality and provides soft touch longer. His lips hydrated and nourished for longer! The skin is lisinha and soft touch, and protected from premature aging. P>