Ekos Alma Deo Parfum Feminine Intense Woody Fragance Perfume 50ml Natura

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Natura Ekos Alma is a deep reading of the Amazon. An exclusive creation of the Casa de Perfumaria do Brasil that uses Priprioca oil, aged for 12 months in Amazonian wood, in a handcrafted process, which brings unique olfactory characteristics to each harvest. With essential oils that carry the mysterious energy of the Amazon life cycle, this fragrance seeks the intensity and power of life of the Priprioca root and Cumaru seed in the forest floor. The intoxicating Copaíba and the Breu Branco resin heal the body and elevate the spirit, while Vitória Régia, the most exuberant flower in the Amazon, exalts the strength of the feminine. It is the forest in all its strength becoming fragrance.

Olfactory Path:
• Woody

• Intense, a powerful and authoritative fragrance that carries the mysterious energy of the Amazon life cycle.

Main Ingredients:
• Priprioca, Cumaru, Copaíba, Breu Branco and Vitória Régia.

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