Brazilian Revelar Deo Cologne Feminine Fragance Body Deodorant 75ml Natura

  • $40.00

Revealing Feminine translates her personality with a sweet, striking and sensual fragrance.

Their mysterious eyes dance and invite you to accompany them. He tries to follow them, but still can't understand what they mean. You find grace and then reveal: A smile so beautiful, full of life, full of joy. A smile that paralyzes you. It is in that moment that he falls in love. For you.

This engaging fragrance brings a licensed license of the combination of vanilla and coumaru and the energy of critics and sage, on the development of sandalwood, valuing its unmistakable essence.

Olfactory Path:
• Top: Salvia, Bergamot, Lemon.
• Body: Rose, Damascus, Muguet.
• Background: Sandalwood, Cedro, Cumaru.

-01 Natura Revelar Deo Cologne 75ml