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Brazilian Payot Boca Rosa Beauty Glam Line Peace Eyelash Mask 2.5ml Makeup

by Payot
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The Glam Line Boca Rosa Beauty By Payot collection features six colors of liquid eyeliners. The colors are Peace, which gives white, Love, in pink, Fredoom, which offers purple, Hope, which offers green, Confidence, in dark blue , and Spirity, in light blue. With a modern packaging, in black and with the names described with their colors, the Glam Line liquid eyeliners provide the maximum effect in an outline with a precise and bold line, which allows defined and precise lines for a perfect outline. Its precise edges make perfect fine lines and even thicker ones possible, according to every preference. Furthermore, the product is striking and revealing. The Glam Line line is ophthalmologically tested and is safe for those wearing contact lenses. It does not transfer or sludge, it has a long duration to ensure that the outline remains perfect for a long time. The products are water resistant, do not contain parabens and are gluten free. They have also not been tested on animals and are vegan.

-01 Payot Boca Rosa Glam Line Peace Eyelash Mask 2.5ml