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Brazilian Original Scarecrow Arkham 1/10 Collectible Art Scale Miniature Figure

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Scarecrow is Jonathan Crane, formerly a psychiatrist and university professor, Crane was tortured, humiliated and intimidated at a young age and for much of his life. As an adult, through his studies he became obsessed with the nature of fear, and with controlling through psychology and biochemistry all human phobias. Creating the identity of the Scarecrow, he developed his greatest weapon, the Gas of the Scarecrow, a toxin of fear capable of generating in its victims the deepest phobias by hallucinations. In Arkham Knight, by terrorist means he managed to cause a massive evacuation from Gotham City; and an ally of other crime bosses, he dominated the city and created a lawless land. It is the main antagonist of the game. Action Figure Dc Statue Batman Arkham Knight Scarecrow Scarecrow Bds Art Scale 1/10 Scale. Merely illustrative images.

Brand: Iron Studios
Model: Batman Arkham Knight Scarecrow Scarecrow
Series: Batman Arkham Knight
Scale: Bds Art Scale 1/10
Box Size: 24x13x18 cm Approximately
Produced based on original film references, Made in Polystone
Manual painting

-01 Original Arkham 1/10 Collectible Art Scale Miniature Straw Man Figure Action