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Brazilian Original Romero Britto Passionate Couple Frame Decor Painting 67x50cm

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Beautiful Decorative Pictures and excellent quality Fine Art standard. Our products are beautiful and beautify any environment, seduce and conquer your visitors. In addition to the beauty, they are made in very high quality material, with Beautiful Frames in lacquered solid wood, and a base in high quality treated MDF and application of material suitable for this purpose. Don't waste time and choose your favorite models, if you prefer, we will send the complete catalog after purchase

What is FINE ART?
- Fine Art is the most advanced in the world of images, high printing technology + best ink quality in the world market. This results in extremely vivid and defined color images. With High durability and resistance.
Don't waste time and choose your favorite models, if you prefer, we will send the complete catalog after purchase

Total Size: 67CM x 50CM.
Installation is very simple, you don't need to drill into the wall. (Supplied with 3M brand Original GEL fixing tapes)
For cleaning, use only a cloth dampened with water (without chemicals) to ensure durability.

- Our pictures are printed on the latest generation equipment, with digital quality.
- We use frames in solid wood, with lacquer finish, which is the most beautiful and luxurious on the market.

We have prompt delivery and ship within 24 working hours, 100% safe packaging, with no danger of transport damage.

A touch of refinement and sophistication to decorate any room in your home or office, and you can even surprise someone with a very original gift.
At Estúdio Decorando, we only use imported materials of the highest quality. We use printers with state-of-the-art technology, known as Fine Art and special inks that do not have odor, which allows their use in closed environments, clinics and hospitals, in addition to providing high quality and durable images.
We work with a lot of love, dedication and commitment, in order to bring the best shopping experience to our customers.

Who is Romero Britto?
Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist known internationally for his art in painting, screen printing and sculpture. His works have vibrant, colorful and bold characteristics. In this way, he manages to reflect his optimistic view of the world.

He inspired millions of people through his paintings where he denoted a visual language of hope and self-happiness.

-01 Decoreiro Romero Britto Wall Frame Painting 67x50cm