Brazilian Luna Classic Feminine Vegan Cologne Body Deodorant 75ml Natura

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Luna values ​​feminine beauty, enchanting the looks. The woody touch, with notes of patchouli brings a fruity and citrus combination with a floral body.

Without effort, the softness of her steps mesmerizes. Her naturalness and sensuality blend and form a unique personality. The reflection of the look of those who love you translates who you are perfectly: Full and self-possessed. He knows that his exterior beauty enchants, but that the interior conquers.

Luna is a luminous fragrance that enhances the expression of the authentic and spontaneous beauty of each woman with its vibrant and enchanting notes of radiant red and citrus fruity output. Femininity and natural sensuality are transmitted by the fascinating floral body, which merges with the sensual woody background. Its flask refers to the feminine curves and the subtlety of this essence reflects the Brazilian woman.

Olfactory Path:
• Top: Apple, mandarin orange, red fruits.
• Body: Pink, Violet, Jasmine.
• Background: Musc, Patchouli, Vanilla.

-01 Natura Luna Classic Female Cologne 75ml