Brazilian Kaiak Oceano Feminine Fragance Vegan Deodorant Cologne 100ml Natura

  • $40.00

The sensation of a dip in the immensity of the coral gardens at the bottom of the sea. A fragrance that combines the fresh notes of seaweed and pataqueira with the density of marine amber and dark woods. A real tribute to the ocean.

Part of the Kaiak Oceano packaging uses plastic taken from the Brazilian coast. To encourage the recycled plastic chain, is to prevent this material from reaching one of its most common destinations: the ocean. Each Kaiak Oceano cap contains the equivalent of approximately 3 water bottle caps.

Essential oils from Brazilian biodiversity.
Contains up to 30% recycled glass.
100% organic alcohol.

-01 Natura Kaiak Oceano Feminine Deodorant Cologne 100ml