Brazilian Ilía Deo Parfum + Body Soap + Hand Cream Feminine Perfume 50ml Natura

  • $60.00

Floral, it is illuminated by the sweet freshness of red fruits with pink pomelo. Ideal for those seeking sophistication.

While his soft smile enchants, his intense look impresses. Even when he shows his grace, he keeps his posture firm.

Being a woman for you is to follow your senses and not for that reason leave aside reason, it is knowing how to throw yourself at opportunities without forgetting to have your feet on the ground, it is to be firm even in your sweetness.

Ilía is inspired by the strength and delicacy of women, and translates the contrasts of their dualities from shapes and fragrances, capturing the intensity and magnetism of femininity in a white floral bouquet and the sweet complexion, contrasted with the delicacy and sensitivity of fresh notes fruity. Its flask brings an infinite fusion of straight and curved lines. The shape and volume portray the solidity of its well-defined values, together with the transparency and lightness of being a woman. Its fragrance reflects the duality of the current woman, with the strength of Patchoulli and the sweetness of Vanilla.

Olfactory Path:
• Top: Pink Pomelo, Red Fruits, Orange Blossom.
• Body: Freesia, Gardenia, Muguet.
• Background: Musc, Vanila, Amber.

-01 feminine deo parfum 50ml
-01 hand moisturizer 40g
-01 box of pure creamy vegetable bar soaps, 2 units of 90g each