Brazilian Ekos Magia da Floresta Feminine Vegan Deodorant Cologne 100ml Natura

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It rains every day in the Amazon rainforest. The sky darkens overnight. Until the sky plummets. Then, suddenly, the clouds disperse. The wind stops and the magic of the forest happens. Sunlight invades and warms the forest green again. The air is flooded with a delicious mysterious and surprising fog. It is a mixture of woods, leaves, roots and vines. That goes through branches and tops, rising towards the sky. It is the cloud seed. Tomorrow turns to rain again. Inspired by the fragrant mist that evaporates from the Amazon rainforest every day after the rain, Natura Ekos created Forest Magic. A fragrance that combines the strength of woody notes with the warm breeze of balsamic notes. Enriched with a unique blend of unprecedented natural ingredients from the Amazon, it is the true quintessence of the forest.

Olfactory Path:
• Top: Apricot, green notes, watery notes (lotus flower), pink pepper.
• Body: Priprioca, freesia, peony, jasmine.
• Background: Vetiver, cedar, coumaru, tonka bean, copaiba.

-01 Natura Ekos Magia da Floresta Deodorant Cologne 100ml