Brazilian Ekos Madeira em Flor Kit Cologne Deodorant + Moisturizing Cream Natura

  • $40.00

The Ekos Flower Wood contrasts citrus and floral notes with a touch of sandalwood. It also has a moisturizer that enhances daily care and has a light and delicate fragrance, perfect for everyday life.

When the rivers in the Amazon become more voluminous, a part of the forest, previously dry, is fertilized by the abundant waters of the flood cycle. These stretches of flooded forest are called floodplain forests. Along the trails, rugged trees like copaiba, from where the essential oil that makes up the Success Fragrance of Ekos is returned from! Inspired by all the fascinating diversity of the Amazon, its different environments, stories and secrets, Natura Ekos relaunches the Freshness of Wood in Flower.

• Gentle scent for the whole day;
• Moisturizes and perfumes the skin with a delicate fragrance.

-01 Freshness cologne deodorant 150ml
-01 Body moisturizing deodorant pulp 400ml