Brazilian Ekos Fresh Pitanga Fragance Body Deodorant Cologne 150ml Natura

  • $25.00

With essential oil extracted from the leaves of the pitangueira, a symbol of the tropicality of Brazil, this fragrance reveals tropical, vibrant and fresh notes.With its delicacy, this woman brings in her soul a unique sweetness. And what a beautiful soul she has, as beautiful as she is. Her beauty is overflowing and her character is brilliant. Brazilian woman who brings the softness and exuberance of being herself. Inspired by our Brazilian nature and the inspiring woman that is you, Ekos Pitanga brings a reddish fragrance in an explosion of vibrant and radiant citruses, providing a tonic bath, full of life and joy.

Olfactory Path:
• Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Pitanga Leaves Oil.
• Body: Peach, Cassis, Jasmine.
• Background: Musc, Sandalwood, Moss.

-01 Natura Ekos Fresh Pitanga Deodorant Cologne 150ml