Brazilian Ekos Flores Flutuantes Vegan Feminine Deodorant Cologne 100ml Natura

  • $30.00

The Natura Ekos Flores Flutuantes is inspired by the carpet of flowers that float over the waters of the Amazon Forest during the flood season, flooding the air with an intoxicating fragrance of fresh flowers. The encounter of aromatic notes of the Pataqueira flower, a natural ingredient of Amazonian biodiversity, with green leaves, watery, earthy notes, moss and wood, gives an intense and striking aroma to our fragrance.

Olfactory path:
• Top: green leaves, bergamot, watery notes, mint, pataqueira.
• Body: water lily, lotus, vetiver, muguet, freesia, violet.
• Background: patchouli, akigalawood, musc, white rosin.

-01 Natura Ekos Flores Flutuantes 100ml