Brazilian Ekos Flor do Luar Feminine Floral Body Deodorant Cologne 100ml Natura

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Ekos Flor do Luar is an exclusive and sophisticated floral fragrance, which translates the generous and exuberant nature of the Amazon in a surprising and refined way.

It's a full moon night and you're in the largest garden on the planet, the Amazon. The sky is lit, the sounds of the forest are like an enveloping song, and the scents of this place inebriate your senses. As you approach the river, you see a mysterious flower that catches your eye, so the magic begins to happen. When the moon illuminates the waters of the river it begins to open its starry petals, giving off a remarkable and irresistible perfume. She is the Moonlight Flower. Mysterious and at the same time delicate, like you. Inspired by this flower that blooms only once a year on a full moon night, Natura Ekos created a sophisticated and seductive fragrance, enriched with a unique combination of Amazonian essential oils.

Olfactory Path:
• Top: Mandarin orange, green notes, lemon.
• Body: Gardenia, Jasmine, Orchid.
• Background: Musc, Sândalo, Cedro.

-01 Natura Ekos Moonlight Flower Deodorant Colgne 100ml