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Barkley New York 8 Tenor French Sax Black Mouthpiece Saxophone

by Barkley
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Mouthpiece developed looking for the sound used by great jazz players of the 60s. Its wide round chamber provides a full and full-bodied sound with many harmonics. Easy sound emission.
It is a mouthpiece to be used in orchestras or bossa and chorinho. It develops a brilliant sound providing high volume treble and medium region rich in harmonics. Its large perforation provides a full-bodied tone and powerful bass.

- Mass mouthpiece for high sax
- Produced in resin imported from France
- Excellent finish
- Brand: Barkley
- Model: New York 6M
- Black color
- Aperture: 6
- Does not come with clamp and copper-mouthpiece
- Dark and full-bodied tone
- Great control
- Good projection
- Recommended from beginners to professionals
- Excellent value for money

-01 Barkley New York 8 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece