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Barkley MS8 Sax Tenor Mouthpiece Saxophone

by Barkley
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The Barkley MS8 is a mouthpiece produced with a technological material called Composite High Tech. This model provides an incredible and unique sound, with excellent brightness in the highs and easy execution in the highs. This line is suitable for those looking for a modern sound, pop style, with open and bright sound.

Opening 8 caters to demanding musicians, who prefer a brilliant sound and a great sound projection, with modern timbre. This opening is more suitable for musicians at different levels, intermediate, advanced or professional. The use by novice saxophonists or saxophonists who are not used to larger openings, may require a period of adaptation of the mouthpiece.

This model features a high deflector, bullet type baffle. This feature favors a faster air column, which tends to a brighter sound, and is therefore preferred for the pop style, as it favors a more aggressive sound. The support of the diaphragm in the formation of the air column will be a differential for this style.

It has a pop-oriented sound, with bright and low mids and highs with a certain body. Indicated mainly for intermediaries and professionals. Some beginners also use this model with the guidance of the teacher. It is a mouthpiece that is easy to master.

Opening 8: Consistent response in extreme and super acute records. It is a mouthpiece that favors that seeks a brilliant tone.

Product: Tenor Sax Mouthpiece
• Brand: Barkley Brazil
• Model: MS8
• Aperture: 8
• Material: Composite High Tech
• Nozzle color: Black
• Origin of product: Brazil

-01 Barkley MS8 Sax Tenor Mouthpiece Saxophone